deniseWelcome to Southwest Arts Communications – my name is Denise Leslie and I provide contract  marketing, public relations, advertising and event management services to arts organizations and artists including but not limited to bands, musicians and visual artists in Southwest Colorado and Northern New Mexico regions.

My professional experience spans many different areas in arts and entertainment from marketing and sales to event management and also writing, editing and publishing an arts magazine and playbills for arts organizations. I have an extensive background in marketing, sales and event production. I have a diverse knowledge in music from classical to rock, country and reggae; to theatre from Broadway, dance and theatrical plays; to sporting events such as rodeos, wrestling, monster trucks, ice skating and gymnastic competitions and NCAA basketball tournaments; to movie and music festivals – both indoor and outdoor, trade shows and visual art exhibitions and studio tours.

I’m very passionate about the arts and its impact to a community.  If you are interested in a chat about how I can assist you, please contact me for a free consultation today!

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 3.29.04 AMAbout my header image:  From 2010 – 2015, I published Arts Perspective magazine and artist, Carrie Fell graced my cover with the Fall 2011 issue. I’ve always been a fan and adore her work.   More can be seen at

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